Here is cheongsam choose help documentation, hope this document can help you on choose the right size of cheongsam.

Due to the size distinction, it’s recommended to define your height, weight, bust, waist and hip size in the order keeps in mind when positioning the order, so we can double check the size and supply some recommendation. We will email you if the size you select does not appear appropriate. Please inspect your inbox or spam folder in the following two days after putting the order for the possible notice.

There are some standards to be considered when purchasing your next cheongsam dress:

Most of the size chart are utilizing contents the garment measurement, instead the body measurement.
Each design of dress from may has it’s own size chart.
Standard deviation/error series of the regular prepared to wear garment item is 1-3cm.
We typically add 1cm+ to our body measurements to select the appropriate size of a conventional Chinese sheath dress. It will give us some room for motion.
Tight sheath dress made with particular product are easy to be torn apart such as brocade or 100% silk.
It’s constantly easy to down size a dress than make it bigger.
Typical 2-4 fittings are needed by any customizeded tailor service, prior to the garment is completed depending upon intricacy of design.
Below we list some answers of the questions we often got. Those examples might help you to have a better understanding with cheongsam sizing:

Common questions:

Q: I purchased a basic size dress from you, but it does not fit. Can I return it?
A: Yes. Please read our refund policy for more information.

Q: I wear American size 4. Is size Medium the proper size to buy in cheongsam?
A: Each cheongsam may have its own size chart because they are made by different providers. Please use the size chart of each item to compare with your body measurement to find the appropriate size for you.

Q: My body measurement is 90cm-70cm-98cm. What size of cheongsam I should purchase?
A: We will require the product page link to be able to assist you considering that each cheongsam might have the different size chart.

Q: My body measurement is 90cm-70cm-98cm. In your size chart, the size Medium dress is bust-waist-hip (90cm-72cm-94cm) and size Big dress is bust-waist-hip (94cm-76cm-98cm). Which size will fit me better?
A: We recommend you buy the size Big then trim down the bust and waist location as needed. It’s always easy to down size a dress than make it larger.

Q: The wedding dress I bought has such big folds inside, and there is a broader space by the edge than the regular dress. It looks awful from inside and I am not delighted with it. Why?
A: The space inside the dresses is entrusted to a purpose. It’s not the quality concern. We do not all have the build of a model, so most of the prepared to wear basic size cheongsam may need future alterations. The folds and space inside the wedding dress provides the space for regional tailor service to trim the dress. It’s constantly simpler and less expensive to down size a dress than make it larger.