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The cheongsam (usually referred as Chinese Qipao) is an elegant long side slit versatile dress and it remains to be one of the sexiest outfits ever created for Chinese women in recent years. There is nothing like a cheongsam dress that makes you beautiful. Even if you are a modern women, you will fall in love with it.cheongsam helps you get all the attention, even from your special one. Thanks to cheongsam, which makes you pretty, beautiful and a traditional girl!

Why cheongsam dress make you feminine?

Every girl would like to show off her curves. Undoubtedly, it makes any figure look sexier. As you know,cheongsams are available in a number of fabrics and colors, the appropriate colors and styles make you an attention grabber.

Do you need a cheongsam dress?

Do you like Chinese ethnic wear? Are you tired of the monotonous dressing? Don’t you want to try costume that comes from the mysterious East? Nothing but a Cheongsam is the best choice.


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buy cheongsam from chinaCan I wear a cheongsam on every occasion?

YES! Cheongsam suits every occasion. Whether it is a family function, wedding, party, working office, you can never go wrong with a cheongsam.

Is cheongsam suitable for people of all shapes and sizes?

Yes! Whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, there is a size for you at icheongsam, because our cheongsam can be customized. A fine workmanship and tailored cheongsam best meet your needs.

What should I wear to match the cheongsam?

Do you love wearing heels, nothing is perfect than a cheongsam to add height, they are perfect partnership. as for coat, There is no fixed rule on how you should wear. You can try various coats and looks with it.

What kind of hairstyle do I have when I am wearing a cheongsam?

Depends on the age and style of the cheongsam,a proper hairstyle should be selected sincerely. Any way, whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, you can choose a cheongsam that belongs to you. Hence, you can never be bored of wearing them and all those smiles you collect, are priceless.

How to clean and maintain cheongsam?

Modern Cheongsam has many fabric such as silk, silk velet, brocade, doupion silk, gambiered caton silk, cotton, Linen Fabric, wool, Blended Fabric, furs and so on. Different cheongsam have to be protected by have different maintenance methods. More details, please seek advice from our customer service.

Can I buy a cheongsam for my kids?

Yes! Retro is a popular element in China, many celebrities’ children have wore the cheongsam. Experienced and fashionable parents can make their children more beautiful with a cheongsam.



Where can I buy a cheap cheongsam?

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